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I probably should have made this post before the Jacksonville Camp on February 13 but better late than never and I want to answer most of the questions about the camp that’s upcoming this Saturday at Tenoroc High School in Lakeland and the rest of the events we will be holding this season.

First and foremost the testing will include the following:

Bench Press  (185 or 135 lb)

40-yard dash (Each camper will run one hand-timed or one digital)

3-Cone Drill (a.k.a. the ‘L’ drill)

5-10-5 “short” shuttle

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump

Once we’re done with the testing we’ll have a short refreshment break to get some fluids and possibly an energy bar into your system if necessary. Then it’s time to break down with the groups.

Running Back
Wide Receivers
Offensive Linemen
Defensive Linemen
Defensive Backs

This is the opportunity to do position specific drills and work on fundamentals. At the high school level even the top prospects need fundamental work to increase their muscle memory and remember to use the right techniques at all times even those raw athleticism can bail you out from time to time. The key here is to learn and listen. Listen to the coaches, follow their instructions and if you have questions about a drill, please ask. THE COACHES ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! We want you to leave this camp excited about playing football with your teammates and competing against your peers. We want you to be more confident in your abilities and more eager to work hard in the spring to be a leader on your team.

As the position drills continue the offensive and defensive lines will come together and start working on competitive drills and situational drills. This includes pass rush drills and the popular one-on-ones that can get really competitive and physical.

The quarterbacks and offensive skill players will begin working on routes and timing and situational drills.

Eventually the defensive skill players will join the offensive skill and quarterbacks for the one-on-ones and three-on-three competitive drills. We’re doing 1-on-1s and 3-on-3s instead of 7-on-7 for the simple purpose that we want to see the offensive skill guys in man coverage situations. We want to see how well you beat the press coverage and the jams off the line. For the defensive skills we want to see how well you cover. How well you can knock a receiver off the route. And for the quarterbacks we want to see accuracy and decision making.

Polk County, we’ll see you Saturday.

And Tampa, Bradenton and East Coast of Florida, we’re coming soon!

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